Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life, and it is made even more stressful by the complexities and moving parts involved. Dave DuPont makes the entire thing an enjoyable experience and is hands down the best realtor I have ever come across. He combines in-depth knowledge with a calm demeanor and level of client service that is unparalleled. I have worked for and run some large companies, and I would love to have an army of Dave's working on my team no matter the challenge.

I have had the pleasure to work with Dave on several transactions. I have found Dave professional and knowledgeable in all regards from the local real estate market and financing to transactional details. Dave is able to get deals closed with complex details in a challenging market. I have recommended Dave with good results. I will continue to use him and to recommend him to others.

We worked with Dave Dupont for almost a year to purchase our home in Tiburon. Dave has an MBA and has worked in finance, so he is very analytical about the purchasing process. He created an incredible database of comps to help determine "fair value" for any house you look at, and we found this tool to be hugely helpful in our thought process and bidding strategy. Additionally, Dave blogs on all aspects of the economy related to real estate to help with the bigger picture of one's decision-making. He is a great negotiator and advocate, and we recommend him all the time because he is also very personable and easy to get along with.

David was chosen to represent our property through Sothebys shortly after the economic downturn. It was a brand new modernist house in a less coveted area of Sausalito. Do to the price range it was in, the architectural decisions that were made, the location of the house and the time we went to market; it represented a significant challenge to any realtor. David was always willing to use funds to market the house appropriately, think differently in regards to strategy, and more often than not he showed the house personally--rather than handing it off to assistants. He was correct about the price we should have started at but was always willing to listen to our ideas. In short, David is the exact opposite of the lazy realtor, and will do just about anything to achieve a sale. It took a long time to sell our house with a lot of price adjustments (our fault for insisting on too high of a price) but David never gave up on the property. We finally did give up and took it off. The next week, David called us up and said "Give me one more shot. Based on the market trends, I know I will sell it this week." The reality is that he did. Not only did he sell it that week, but he sold it at a much higher price than we thought possible. If you want someone who is among the top realtors in Marin, who truly understands the market from a financial and market trends standpoint and is tenacious beyond reason, than you should choose David as your realtor.

I am one of those people from 2008 who saw their home sell in 1 day amidst the meltdown in the markets. What else can you say?

"You pulled off an amazing feat in selling our house! When we first met with you we were impressed with the thought you have put into the marketing process and it worked! You gave us great advice for getting the house ready and recommendations for great vendors. You also had a view of the home's value apart from the current market that helped us think about value more intelligently. We think your dedication to acting as a fiduciary for us resulted in a higher selling price than we would have achieved with other brokers.

Throughout the process you also inspired confidence despite a crazy market as a result of your deep knowledge of the market and your experience. With the amount of competitive inventory on the market and the reluctance of buyers to commit, its a testament to your abilities that you were able to attain a selling price above what other brokers thought was possible.

I've been waiting until the house closed to say these things as I didn't want to jinx it, but we really appreciate how much effort you constantly put into our house. You were really dedicated to getting the best transaction for us possible.

We really enjoyed working with you as well. You were very helpful and friendly throughout the process. We hope you have a great rest of the year and if we can be a reference for you please let us know." 33 Blackfield Drive, Tiburon Julie & William

"Dave demonstrated an extremely high level comprehension of financial markets and economic conditions that was imperative to our purchase decision. When Sarah and I stumbled on the perfect spot to start a family, we were not even looking to sell our current home. After running numbers, we realized that our dream could become a reality. We felt so confident in his spectacular marketing plan that we purchased a full month before we were ready to put our home on the market. Despite bleak economic news in the papers, our home sold for full asking price only 2 days after the broker's open. Dave is tremendously driven and are an absolute pleasure to work with."

— Rob & Sarah, Mill Valley

"Dave duPont exhibits all of the virtues we sought in a real estate advisor and more. He is trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable and experienced. David took the time to understand our objectives and wishes as they developed a strategy to market and sell our home. By the time we put our home on the market, we had already moved cross country, and we were nervous about the prospect of selling a home long distance. David exceeded our expectations and eased our fears by taking care of all the necessary details to get the house ready for sale. We were extremely impressed with their attention to detail and superb marketing skills. Due to David's hard work, excellent process, and ability to close the deal, our home sold quickly. We feel fortunate to have worked with them."