Top 10 San Francisco Homes Sales of 2016: A Few Surprises Here…

Real estate pricing has a definitive non-linear upward slope- for the most desirable homes in any market its an almost vertical line.

1) 2600 Jackson Street ($11m) – This bellwether SF mansion was originally built in 1895 as a wedding gift and eventually earned the title of first home with electricity- an historical title worthy for a tech mogul

2) 3610 Washington Street ($11.3m) originally listed for $7.9m. A William Wurster designed home, but not decorated true to his Alma-mater’s Blue and Gold colors where he taught architecture for years.

3) 2456 Filbert ($11.4m) Sold halfway thru the rebuild

4) 2480 Broadway ($11.7m) circa 1906 Pac Heights Gem

5) Millennium Tower Penthouse ($13m)- Tom Perkins former watchtower

6) 2755 Fillmore ($13.25m) Massively renovated twice in three years- BOOM!

7) 3800 Washington ($15.75m) Modeled off Louis XV’s Versailles Chateau, this homesold for $18m in 2007. 

8) 164 Sea Cliff ($17.8m) The best views and the worst weather in town.

9) 2476 Broadway ($18.1) A bargained fortune down from $22m listing price

10) 2250 Vallejo ($21.8) The Crown Jewel of 2016.

Congrats to all the buyers!