San Anselmo CA Real Estate 2013 Year-End Review

Ross and San Anselmo 2013 unit sales leapt 43% and 45% respectively above the 7-year trend.  In Ross that activity is clustered squarely in the bottom 60% of the market. In San Anselmo the buying activity is focused in the bottom 80%- with a surge of interest in the Butterfield Road corridor and out in Sleepy Hollow.


Sleepy Hollow home prices jumped 22% over 2012, and the number of homes that sold increased 36%. A bubble is forming in Sleepy Hollow. San Anselmo prices remain -12% below their 2008 peak and the median home size this year was 1,897sqft.



The strength of San Anselmo market segments shows that the bottom 80% of the market is quite strong especially the bottom 60%:


Statistically, San Anselmo home prices are the most volatile of any town in Marin- as the town goes in and out of favor with buyer groups. We forecast a slowdown in the Butterfield Corridor and a pullback in Sleepy Hollow, with tight inventory and price advances in Yolanda/Alder, Seminary and Winship.


The median lot value in San Anselmo is $440,000 and the average lot value is $520,000. The 95% lot value in 2013 was $1.2m and the Top Lot value as a derivative of home sales in San Anselmo in 2013was $1.65m, but prices for the top lot over the course of the last business cycle have averaged $3.5m.

Average selling $/SQFT:


The DuPont Group hopes to take 3 listings in San Anselmo in 2014. We ask that you please include us when interviewing or recommending agents. Please call Dave with any questions about any of the above data 415-867-6611.

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