Kentfield CA Real Estate: Fall 2010 Update

Kentfield is having a year very much like Tiburon.  Homes that are remodeled and well priced are selling particularly in the bottom half of the market. 16% of homes in contract is slow and indicative of a buyers’ market, but not abysmally so given the season. Notice the higher the property is priced the less chance it has of selling. Please call for more data or questions.

Please reference our main website or call Dave 415-867-6611 for more information.

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About dwdupont

David DuPont leads a team of real estate professionals (The DuPont Group) under the umbrella of Sotheby’s International Realty. In 2008-2010, Dave sold more homes than any other agent in the firm and brings over 15 years of business experiences to bear for the group including real estate transactions, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and finance. From 2011-2013 Dave continued to be a top producer not only in the Sotheby's office but also within the agent community.