Mill Valley Update

4/30/10:   The data has worsened slightly in the last month in Mill Valley CA Real Estate. 25% of the current homes for sale are in contract versus 26% 30 +- days ago. On the surface, this represents a balanced market. However, if you remove short sales and homes that are in contract on a contingent  basis, my guess is that the actual number of home in active contracts is just under 20%– which is still better than it was most of last year, but still fairly weak.

Mill valley is off about 22% from peak 2007 prices– the second most in Southern Marin behind Sausalito which is down 30%+ from peak 2007 prices. This has created greater liquidity and facilitated the many home sales that have taken place particulkarly in bottom 2 quartiles of the market over the last 4-5 months.

The general feeling on the street is that things are fairly slow– best in Southern Marin, but still slow. The only buyers with any urgency to buy right now are families with kids.

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