2010 Q1 Update: How to use this site

Welcome to the Southern Marin Real Estate Blog or SMREB.com for short.

We seek to earn your real estate business the old fashioned way– through hard work. In addition to being top producing realtors in Marin (top 10 in 2009), we also produce the best research available to empower you.

We have bought and sold more homes for our clients than any other agents in this company in 2008 & 2009. There is more to getting real estate business done these days than a pretty face and key to a door. As agents for YOU, we need to know the economy, pricing data, and negotiation tactics to outsmart your competition. Sometimes this translates into getting a deal done when you otherwise would not have, but most often in getting more for you in the deal.

This site shows current market conditions & data for Marin County County Real Estate and its 13 primary towns plus Stinson Beach. The percent in contract data will be updated monthly ( last updated 4/2/11), and the quarterly charts will be updated quarterly. This site works in partnership with http://www.thedupontgroup.net/

The data on this site is proprietary and can’t be reused in any form without permission.

While readers of this Marin Real Estate update will tend to gravitate to the specific town that they are interested in, each reader is encouraged to start with the Marin Update which contains mile high economic, capital market, and other data.

2008-2010, the DuPont Group has been leading agents in Marin County real estate. Since the recession began Dave personally has closed over $60m in real estate sales, and his group has closed over $80m. For 2 years running Dave has sold more homes than any other agent at DB Sothebys Intl. Realty. The data in these pages is our competitive advantage. We are the best agents in the area right now because we have changed our business processes to fit the current markets that we and our clients operate in. This is in stark contrast to the multitude of agents in Marin (about 1,400) who are operating very much they way have for the last 20 years. Business right now is NOT as usual.

I look forward to working with you.

Dave DuPont 415-867-6611

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About dwdupont

David DuPont leads a team of real estate professionals (The DuPont Group) under the umbrella of Sotheby’s International Realty. In 2008-2010, Dave sold more homes than any other agent in the firm and brings over 15 years of business experiences to bear for the group including real estate transactions, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and finance. From 2011-2013 Dave continued to be a top producer not only in the Sotheby's office but also within the agent community.