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For Sellers

Welcome to the Sellers information section. Please find below key resources to help you with both understanding the selling process as well as help with pricing your home.


The DuPont Group is Southern Marin’s preeminent home listing team. In 2008 we sold ALL our home listings in Southern Marin in an average of 6 days at over 98% of the original listing price. In 2009 our success continued with 2 home listings being sold within the first week, one before it even went on the market.


Selling Your Home - Know Your Market

Our home promotion begins with a timeless marketing principal: Who Are You Trying to Reach? If you don’t know who your target audience is, how can you possible reach them? Yet, time and again home promotion in the typical real estate sales process ignores a plethora of these fundamental marketing principles and leads me to believe most realtors do not know how to properly market real estate. The challenges of marketing real estate begin with the understanding that the longer a home sits on the market, the less it will sell for. How would an intelligent realtor address this issue? By adjusting our premarket process to maximize our short term success.

To this end, we have developed a trademarked process coined “Flash Branding” to overcome many of the obstacles to a speedy sale of your home.


Selling To Emotion

Next, how has the real estate market changed during the difficult economy of fall 2008 and spring 2009? Home shoppers have historically purchased homes primarily by emotion and secondarily by value. This has flipped and now “value” is the great buzz word of today’s real estate markets. How does this affect you? Very few homes are meeting buyer’s definition of value so few homes are selling. The ones that are selling are typically “the best in category”. How do you become best in category? By adjusting your price. Otherwise find a decent renter until the emotional shopper returns.



Your Home's Implied Value

Last, it is our belief that age old realtor credo that a home is only worth what someone will pay at any one time does not necessarily apply to homes in preferable locations such as Southern Marin. We believe that homes in our preferable locations have an implied value whether a home seller can extricate that value at any specific time or not. How does this affect you? It may lead you to rent for a period until the market improves.



Please contact the Dupont Group for more information on these home selling tips and a slew of other relevant issues.