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Central Marin

Mill Valley

  • Sept. 2009 Mill Valley Market Update
    Year 2000 Census: This pegged the population of Mill Valley (CA Real estate) at 13,615 with 6,281 total housing units, 2.2 people per house, and a mean income of $134,116. (Please see chart below.)...



  • Sept. 2009 Tiburon Market Update
    September 2009 Tiburon Real Estate Market Update (edit/delete) According to the Census: the population of Tiburon CA is 8,666 with 3,906 total housing units, 2.3 people per house, and a mean...

Southern Marin

  • How Much Farther Will Housing Prices Fall S. Marin
    One way to evaluate how much farther prices will have to fall in Southern Marin County CA is to approximate average incomes in each town and to apply some basic financial planning concepts to...
  • Bad Year for Marin County Condos
    Year to date 2009 has been terrible year for condo sales in Southern Marin. As compared to 2005-2008, the pace of unit sale is off 70% the average of those years, and the average selling price per...

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